Oct 6, 2021 – National Noodle Day

Beef Chow Fun
Sun Wah BBQ’s Beef Chow Fun

Get your noodle on when Wednesday rolls around as it’s your chance to celebrate this versatile food staple. Sun Wah BBQ has all the Hong Kong style classics covered…

Familiar with the noodle types in Cantonese cuisine?

Thin Egg Noodle
Wonton noodle (雲吞麵 wonton mein) is a thin egg noodle.
Thick egg noodle (粗麵 cho mein) has a different texture but is composed of similar ingredients as the wonton noodle.
Mai Fun Noodle
Mai fun (米粉) is a rice vermicelli noodle.
Rice Noodle
Rice noodle (河粉 haw fun) is scratch made and hand cut in-house at Sun Wah BBQ. It’s width and thickness gives it a somewhat softer texture compared to the mai fun.
Lobster Noodle
E-fu noodles (伊麵 yee mein) are sometimes called longevity noodles and are a symbolic end-cap to finish a Chinese banquet. You’ll find this exclusively in our decadent Lobster Noodle.

Familiar with the ways noodles can be served?

Seafood Chow Mein
Stir frying (炒 chow) is done quickly on a screaming hot wok to impart that storied “wok’s breath” (鑊气 wok hei) flavor whether it’s for the Seafood Chow Mein (pictured) or the Beef Chow Fun (page top)
Wonton Noodle Soup
Noodles in a soup base as shown in this Wonton Noodle Soup can be further enhanced with add-ins like roast duck, roast pork, BBQ pork, beef tripe, fish balls, or chicken. Changing up the type of noodles can extend the range of possible combinations.

Savor the burn

For those who live on the spicy side, Sun Wah BBQ has you covered. Add a squeeze of Sriracha or drizzle some of our house-made chili oil to taste.