Noodles and Congee


True to the layout of noodle shops across Hong Kong, Sun Wah BBQ’s front kitchen is where Wonton and Shrimp Dumplings are hand-wrapped and cooked with an option of egg noodles, mai fun, or simply in broth. Proximity to the barbecue cutting block permits adding in delicious cuts of Char-Siu, Roast Duck or Roast Pork.

Wonton Soup
Wonton are delicate dumplings filled with pork and shrimp
Shrimp Dumpling Soup
Shrimp Dumplings are filled with shrimp, pork, black mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots

Familiar with the noodles available at Sun Wah BBQ?

Thin Egg Noodle
Thin Egg Noodle is also called Wonton Mein
Thick Egg Noodle
Mai Fun Noodle
Mai Fun is a Rice Vermicelli
Rice Noodle
Rice Noodle is made in-house and brings the “fun” to Beef Chow Fun


The one item that epitomizes comfort food to anyone with a Chinese upbringing? Congee. “Jook” as ordered in Cantonese, is a rice porridge that can warm the soul. Sun Wah BBQ offers congee simple and plain or with various classic accompaniments.

Congee is a beloved rice porridge staple across much of China.