Chinese Barbecue

At the heart of Sun Wah BBQ, a series of custom-built roasting vaults fire continuously from morning to evening to create all the Chinese Barbecue favorites.

Roast Duck
Roast Duck is marinated, sewn closed and barbecued to achieve a moist, flavorful cavity that permeates to its delicious exterior
Pei Par Duck
Pei Par Duck is glazed and barbecued flat for a firmer alternate texture
Roast Pork
Roast Pork (Siu Yook) starts as a pig roasted whole to achieve a crackling skin that seals the succulent meat beneath
Char Siu
Char Siu is Cantonese for our honey glazed boneless Barbecue Pork
Chinese BBQ Spare Ribs
BBQ Spare Ribs are marinated and glazed in a similar manner to our Char Siu