Reopening Details

For everyone’s health and safety, we have been open with a number of precautions. This includes limited seating, signing health forms, wearing masks, and a slew of other new or modified habits that may or may not be obvious. Please be patient with us, as this is a new setting for all of us and we all need a little time for a learning curve. Below are some answers to questions you may have regarding our reopening and guidelines we have put in place. We will update this page as changes happen.

  • Please note and account for the hours and days of operation indicated on every footer of our webpages. Special holiday changes will be reflected on our Events listing.
  • We are currently taking reservations for our sidewalk cafe, with a maximum of 4 people per table. (40 person capacity) Outdoor dining will be available as weather permits.
  • We are currently taking reservations for the dining room, with a maximum of 6 people per large table and 4 at the standard tables. (50 person indoor capacity)
  • Please be open to some flexibility on times for your reservation. The city’s guidelines only allow us to have 50 guests in the dining room. We will do our best to accommodate everyone but if we hit a capacity limit for a certain time, we may not be able to fulfill your request.
  • Currently, we prioritize seating to guests that have a reservation. Walk-ins are welcome for dine-in service with the understanding there may be a wait until seating opens up. Table capacity guidelines stated above apply.
  • ALL guests will be required to sign a health declaration before they are seated. The purpose of the declaration is to have information readily available IN CASE any instances of covid-19 arise. We certainly hope that the information from the declaration will not be used, but just in case, we would like to ensure that we have done everything to protect you, your household, and the general public by having the ability to contact trace if requested by the public health department. You will have a few minutes to read over the declaration before signing. If you refuse to sign the health declaration, we will refuse service, no exceptions.
  • All guests will be required to have a mask. If you do not have a mask, we will reserve the right to refuse service. Guests who cannot wear masks due to a medical issue are exempt. Face shields that cover the entire face are acceptable forms of masks. Masks may be taken off at the table but must be worn if you leave your table for ANY reason. This is for the protection and assurance of our other guests and staff. As large as we may be physically in terms of space, we are still a small, family-owned restaurant. We have limited staff to call upon and every intention of keeping them healthy and safe.
  • In order to serve as many patrons as possible, we will limit all seatings to 90 minutes. We encourage you to enjoy your entire meal in approximately 75-80 minutes. That will leave us approximately 10-15 minutes to help you pack up your food, clean, and sanitize for the next guest.
  • Both our food and drink menus will be limited currently, with a list of “usuals” and “specials” that will be updated every week or two. This will help us in maintaining stock and food costs without overwhelming our skeleton crew. If there is a “regular” item you always order, please feel free to ask if we have it. Even though it may not be listed, we still remember how to make it.
  • We will serve all drinks in their original bottles or cans as much as possible. *We are currently not allowing any BYO bottles.
  • We welcome all service dogs (of the appropriate breed) that have been properly trained, certified, and are wearing the appropriate gear. We DO NOT allow comfort animals, emotional support animals, or pets of any type.
  • Please be aware of our new layout and directional arrows to enter or exit the restaurant when using the restrooms. We have done our best to create a one way flow to minimize guests traveling in opposite directions.
  • We have required our wait staff to wear a mask while on shift and serving you. As we ask guests to wear a mask for the protection of our staff, we want to assure all guests that our wait staff will wear a mask to protect your health also. We do ask for your patience during the ordering process. It is a little hard to talk through the mask and definitely hard to hear everything being said through it, especially in the outdoor patio.
  • Guests picking up carryout orders can option for curbside pickup or at the door pickup. For guests choosing at the door pickup, you must have a mask on for service. If at any point you have been allowed inside the restaurant, please follow signage and directional arrows for entering and exiting. Please also maintain the required six feet for social distancing.

Outdoor dining extends through September, weather-permitting