Dine-in Details

Sun Wah BBQ puts forth these guidelines and clarifications to keep patrons and our own staff safe…

  • All guests will still be required to have masks upon entering and walking around the restaurant. There will be no exceptions to this rule except for medical reasons.
  • We will not be at the full original capacity just yet, as we currently have limited staff. Our dining room is configured for a maximum capacity 180 patrons.
  • Due to limited staff, we will not have an outdoor patio this year.
  • As a reminder to all our guests, comfort animals, emotional support animals, or pets of any type are prohibited in the restaurant. Properly geared service dogs are always welcome.
  • Both our food and drink menus will be currently limited with a list of “usuals” and “specials” that will be updated occasionally. This will help us in maintaining stock and food costs without overwhelming our skeleton crew. If there is a “regular” item you always order, please feel free to ask if we have it. Even though it may not be listed, we still remember how to make it and will do our best to accomodate.
  • We will serve all drinks in their original bottles or cans as much as possible.
  • We have required our wait staff to wear a mask while on shift and serving you. As we ask guests to wear a mask for the protection of our staff, we want to assure all guests that our wait staff will wear a mask to protect your health also. We do ask for your patience during the ordering process. It is a little hard to talk through the mask and definitely hard to hear everything being said through it, especially in the outdoor patio.
  • In order to provide as many patrons as possible the opportunity to dine-in, we ask that meals are finished within 75 minutes. This will provide ample time necessary for packing up, cleaning and sanitizing for the next guests.
  • Guests picking up carryout orders can option for curbside pickup or at-the-door pickup. For guests choosing at the door pickup, you must have a mask on for service. If at any point you have been allowed inside the restaurant, please follow signage and directional arrows for entering and exiting. Please also maintain the required six feet for social distancing.