May 2021 – Prix Fixe Nights

Don’t miss out on Sun Wah’s Prix Fixe nights where we focus on specialties of either Hong Kong, traditional Chinese, or Macanese cuisines. May 2021’s dates are Tuesday the 18th and Wednesday the 19th…

Theme for this month’s prix fixe is “A Bite of Hong Kong”

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 & Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Hong Kong is known as “food heaven” to many Chinese and foodies around the world. Hong Kong’s excellent food is a combination of ingredients, technique, aesthetics, and culture. The chef will consider a food’s health, nutrition, and medicinal benefits when choosing the main ingredient. Once a main ingredient is chosen, much thought is then given to its preparation, side ingredients, historical significance, symbolism, and name. The chef not only works with their kitchen team, they also include the manager, the captain of the front of house, and the marketing team. This joint effort not only creates a flow in information sharing, the combined efforts of the entire team breathes life into the dish. The chef may choose the main ingredient, but the manager’s knowledge of customers will influence the flavors and techniques used. Seasonality will influence what the kitchen team chooses for side ingredients. The captain’s knowledge of the restaurant’s history, holidays, and culture will decide what name is given to the dish that is then advertised by the marketing team. The resulting dish is not only food, it is a representation of Hong Kong. As each dish is consumed, you are not just taking a bite of food. You are also taking “a bite of Hong Kong”.

Going by our previous Prix Fixe event, prompt dine-in reservations made before we run out of seating times will ensure you’re not languishing with the walk-in crowd. Call us at 773-769-1254 during business hours to reserve your spot. Cost for this event will be $50 for each participant, minimum 2 per party.

Courses Includes

Wok Braised Sea Cucumber

Michelin Abalone

Dragon King Teases Xi Shi

Chao Jun Leaves with Her Pei Par


Reflections of Life

Osmanthus Flying in the Snow

香港係被世界上多名美食家同華人稱為“美食天堂”。 香港美食是食材,技術,美觀,和文化的完美結合. 廚師選主菜時會以食物潦效、營養以及健康為主道。 主菜被選後,各部們就會深思熟慮去搭配菜,思考歷史意義,菜餚美觀和名稱。 香港的廚師不僅同廚房團隊合作,經理,部長和營銷團隊都會參與。 一起努力不但創造互雙交流,亦帶來新菜的誕生。 廚師可以選擇主要食材,但是經理對客戶知識會影響味道同煮法。 時季會影響廚房團隊選擇配菜材料。 部長對餐廳的歷史,節日和文化了解會決定菜餚名稱。 所有流程完成後,由營銷團隊推廣和宣傳。 菜餚經過多層琢磨,不但是精美食物,亦代表香港文化。