Jan 26, 2021 – FOOD DROP: Naperville

Thank you Naperville area patrons for coming out to our Food Drop Tuesday night! Keep checking our Event Listing page for dates and locations of future Food Drops.

Q: What is a Sun Wah Food Drop?
A: Our way of showing appreciation for our patrons by literally going the extra distance. Aggregated orders are brought out to a suburban location for an easy pick-up at a predetermined spot. For many, this means only taking a few minutes drive instead of a much longer fight into the city.

Q: How does it work?
A: Once a Food Drop is announced on our Event Listing Page, there will be instructions to order and pay via credit card over the phone. A time and rendezvous location will be indicated.

Q: Where are all the service charges and fees?
A: Sun Wah Food Drops are executed by our own staff. There are no third-parties to whack the restaurant with a 30% cut or penalize our patrons with a 25% charge. There will be no “reservation fee” or “Chicago fee” piled on. A Food Drop order of any size only incurs a modest $5 surcharge toward covering gas and our staff’s labor.

Q: How is Sun Wah able to streamline the event?
A: Transactions are paid and finalized during ordering. Food Drop staff can focus only on fetching your order at the moment of arrival. We’ve adjusted our arrival window to avoid the absolute worst parts of rush hour traffic. Finally, the menu above represents the favorite and frequently ordered items. This avoids bogging down the kitchen’s expedition process.