Bring Your Own Turkey – 2018

Sun Wah's Turkey Service
Sun Wah BBQ’s Annual Turkey Service

Our annual BYO Turkey event has wrapped up!  This is the event where customers wisely delegated the Thanksgiving turkey cooking to Sun Wah BBQ either by purchasing the restaurant’s bird or bringing their own.

As of Monday, November 19, 2018, ALL cooking slots for customer-supplied turkeys have been accounted for and no additional orders will be taken for Thanksgiving 2018. THANK YOU to all who made this year’s event an overwhelming success!

Please be sure to monitor our Events Page to see when the BYO Turkey service launches.

Q: I’m hosting a party outside of Thanksgiving. Is it at all possible to get this turkey service in the interim parts of the year?

A: Yes. If the turkey you’re supplying is frozen, we’ll need it brought in at least 5 days ahead of your target pick-up day. Mind our business hours and event schedule for conflicts. Per-pound service pricing will be determined then. Best results will be turkeys not exceeding 20lbs. Whole birds only. To coordinate a BYO drop-off, ask for Laura ideally between noon and 3pm on the weekdays the restaurant is open.

Q: Can I order a Turkey for dining in at Sun Wah?

A: Our BYO Turkey service is strictly for carry-out.

Additional questions should be directed to