2019 Chinese New Years FEAST

Sun Wah BBQ’s anticipated dining event is fast approaching. Our annual Chinese New Years Feast will take place Friday, February 8 and Saturday, February 9. This banquet style event brings a delightful assortment of courses to celebrate the most auspicious holiday of our culture.

January 27, 2019 Update: Available feast seating for Friday, February 8 are all gone! A few remaining seats have opened up for Saturday, February 9.

As last year’s attendees started inquiring about this year’s event weeks ago, this year should see an equally prompt and complete pick up of the 100 seats offered each night. This will not fare well for procrastinators.

To Purchase Your Seats:

Contact us starting Friday, January 11 during normal business hours either via phone (for Visa/Mastercard payment) or in-person. Specify whether you are attending Friday or Saturday’s feast. If the day in question is sold out, we will indicate if there are enough seats for your party on the alternate day.


A seat at this feast is $45 per person, tax included. Drinks and gratuity are not included and will be billed separately. BYO wines will incur a $10 corkage fee on bottles up to 750mL (larger bottles may get adjusted accordingly) All other types of outside spirits/beer are not permitted in accordance to our established policies.

When, Where, How:

Friday, February 8, 2019 or Saturday, February 9, 2019
Seating starts at 6:30pm, feast starts at 7:00pm.
Sun Wah has a bar for the entertainment of those congregating earlier.

Layout will be ten communal round tables each seating 10 patrons. Whole tables may be purchased, but we highly recommend keeping the headcount to 10 per table as the dish sizes will remain fixed.

Best Practices and Policies

Feast seats are paid in advance and in full. We will do our utmost to notify you at time of purchase of seat availability for that particular night. Once all seats are taken, a Wait List will be implemented for interested parties. Placement at the Wait List will be prioritized according to sequence, but also to party size. Wait List will be maintained up into the start of the feast as there’s always a chance for last-minute cancellations opening something up.

Cancellations are eligible for a full refund prior to Monday, February 4, 2019. Refunds can only be obtained in-person in the restaurant as our system requires physically verifying the credit card for this process. Once the refund is issued, the seat is surrendered to those next on the Wait List. Feast seats are non-refundable after February 4 starting at 5pm onwards.

Off-course ordering of additional items from our standard menu is permitted, but be advised there may be unforeseen delays on when those items arrive as the kitchen’s priority will be to expedite the feast in a timely manner.

Drinks, BYO corkage, additional dishes, and gratuity will close out quickest for those paying via cash. Cash, Visa, or Mastercard are the accepted forms of payment at Sun Wah BBQ.

Sun Wah BBQ does not possess any parking lots. Our designated Loading Zone at the store front is strictly for temporary use. Our website has a section outlining transportation and parking details.

2019 Chinese New Year Feast Menu

The Quandaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force

The Happiest Flowers of the Heart Welcomes the Spring

Silver Arrows in the Sky Tease the Emperor

Friends Old & New Gather Happily

A Kind Father & A Pious Son Fills the House with Children

The Spring Fills the Gold & Silver House

Jade & Rubies Upon the Snow Flower Cow

Abundance Abounds with Yearly Savings

The Phoenix Feathers Spans Across Ten Thousand Miles

Round & Puffy with a Bright Smile

Purchase your seats as soon as possible and delight in exploring how these course titles are interpreted at the feast! Happy New Year! Gung Hay Faat Choy!