May 12, 2019 – Mother’s Day

What better way to pamper & celebrate Mom on Sunday than a visit to Sun Wah BBQ? Reservations for this special holiday is likely to be packed days in advance, so be sure to make yours promptly or risk being relegated to the walk-in wait list. The Dining Room is available 11:00am and expected to be at capacity til closing time at 9:00pm.

March 31, 2019 – National Oysters & Clams Day

Steamed Oysters
Steamed Fresh Oysters

It’s National Oysters & Clams Day on Sunday. When available fresh, Sun Wah BBQ’s Steamed Oysters are simply dressed with a fermented black bean sauce, steamed perfectly, and garnished with aromatics. Don’t procrastinate as these get snapped up quickly by your fellow patrons.