May 10, 2020 – Mother’s Day

Show mom some love and appreciation by picking up some NEW featured entrees at Sun Wah BBQ.

Gold Dusted Shrimp $18

Lightly fried shrimps coated with salted egg yolk

Gold Dusted Fish $17

Lightly fried fish fillets coated with salted egg yolk

Honey Pepper Pork Chops $15

Pork chop cutlets tossed in a honey pepper sauce

Shrimp Paste Fried Ribs $15

Ribs marinated and fried in a shrimp paste sauce

XO Sauce Steak Cubes $17

Steak cubes stir fried with house made XO sauce

Mango Beef $15

Tender beef stir fried with fresh mango slices

Stir Fried Surf & Turf $17

Shrimp and chicken stir fried with a dark garlic and bean sauce with hints of spicy pepper

Cumin Lamb $17

Hand cut slices of lamb shank tossed with whole cumin

Portuguese Chicken $17

Chicken stewed Portuguese style with a coconut milk & cheese sauce

Honey Pepper Short Ribs $17

Beef short ribs tossed in a honey pepper sauce

Garlic Short Ribs $17

Beef short ribs tossed with garlic

Lobster Noodles $35

Whole lobster braised with black bean sauce (Cantonese-style), layered over long life noodles

As mentioned earlier on our website, Sun Wah BBQ will be open weekends only for curbside service with operating hours from 10am to 8:30pm. Phone in your order during that time at 773-769-1254 and pay via credit card. Please be aware that longer curbside wait times coincide with typical rush hours between 5:30pm-7pm. Orders outside of this period will likely experience faster service.